PCBA(TS16949 Certificate) Assembly Certificate

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产品型号:Assembly Certificate
 牌:Win Win
公司名称:Win Win Circuit
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we have already obtained the international certification of ISO9001,ISO14001 and PCBA(TS16949 Certificate).



  We understanding quality is the life ofenterprise, we pursue quality to promote continuously; we havealready obtained the international certification ofISO9001,ISO14001 and PCBA(TS16949 Certificate).
  In production aspect, we work according to internationalstandard IPC-610-D. Anyone who joint to our company, we willprovide complete training before the job.
  For reaching a high-quality request, we also have a set ofstrict standard in the choice of supplier, so most suppliers arealso in the industry to have certain popularity, having assuranceto the quality;
  Not only in the product of does the quality pursue, we also takecare the quality of environment. Being a responsible enterprise, weare dedicated to studying various to the environmental protectionbeneficial project base on the guideline of the internationalstandard ISO14001. We will try our best to contribute inenvironmental protection area to feed back the sociality.

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