Bonding PCBA-11

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We offer competitive price & reliable assembly services for : Surface Mount Components  Leaded Type components COB Die Bonding Housing Assembly 


We offer competitive price & reliable assembly services for :
  • Surface Mount Components 
  • Leaded Type components
  • COB Die Bonding
  • Housing Assembly
Process Capability :  
  • Smallest SMD component : 0201
  • Clean Room Standard : 10000
  • BGA, Micro BGA, QFP...
  • Lead-Free Soldering Equipment and Experience
We have outstandingexperience in the followingfields:

VCD playersfor Asian market
We manufacture the mpeg board and the CD control board for ourHong Kong base customer.

Home breadmaker for world wide market including Japan, Europe &US
We manufacture the control board and the display board for ourJapanese customer.

We have manufactured a lot of different kinds of peripherals,Mainly for US customers.

Digital voicememo diary
We have manufactured a few models for different customer, somefully assembled, some PCBA level, some bonding only.

Video gameproducts
Japanese pocket games; guns, driving wheels, memory cards and alot others for TV games. Some full assembled, some PCBA, somebonding only.

Energy savinglight bulb
We worked on this product with a Japanese customer - Wako Denki,which is a subsidiary of Toshiba Lighting.

Digitaltimers, Thermometers, Power meters, Gifts andToys
For various customers in various forms : complete assembled andpacked, PCBAs, COBs.
     Electronicscorporations and procurement offices nowadays are increasinglytaking the advantage of off-shores Electronics ManufacturerServices providers to streamline their productionprocesses. We are a dynamic, qualityoriented and well-connected OEM Manufacturer who is playing animportant role in the Far East region.
We provide:
l    COB Die Bonding
l    Surface Mount componentsassembly
l     Leaded-type components assembly and Lead-free type componentsassembly
l     Box-build assembly
l    Technicalexpertise and sophisticated production facilities
Material Turn-Key Process
1 . Output : 4,230 K chips / day     (125 million chips per month)
2 . Record of produce report
   a . SMT machine canassemble BGA & μBGA
   b .SMT machine can assemble smallest chips of1005(0402mm) size.
   c .IC pitch is 0.3mm
   d .Largest size PCBA is 350mm x 400mm
1 . Bonding Wireoutput: 2,000K wires / day (60 million wires permonth)
2 . Using aluminiumwire ψ0.8 mil toψ1.25 mil
3 . IC PAD smallestarea is 63*80μ㎡
4 . COB can traverseall reliability test


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